Hospitals all over Europe are being modernized to meet the demands of the future. New medical and scientific research and findings means new requirements on systems and equipment. More technology is also being integrated in patient rooms. Such a knowledge-driven environment not only requires more and more expertise, but a plan for an easy deployment of new flexible systems and equipment in patient rooms.
This trend must be addressed.

Hospitals are building new or upgrading existing facilities to accommodate new technologies and patients demands. More technology is making its way into the patient rooms. Through innovative research Qmt care ab is prepared to meet the demands of the future. With Qmtís ďEverything under one roofĒ concept, complete solutions for supplying the needed gases and vacuums to the patientís room are provided. Qmtís core competences and strengths are found in the Emergency operating room.

Our deep interest in the industry combined with a passion to drive the development of new methods and techniques for better health care and treatment help us to stay ahead of the newest health care changes and thus retain our leading position in the market. A close interaction and co-operation with customers and universities provide the crucial insight for new innovations and next generationís solutions. Through its own R&D, Qmt has complete control over development, design, processes and quality.



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